Three TRACKS to a Stewardship/Generosity Strategy

Friday, January 18, 2013
by Jim Sullivan

Three TRACKS to a Stewardship/Generosity Strategy

TRACK 1. Start Immediately with a Scheduled Event or Study
The Church Leadership decides to schedule a seminar, budget workshop, a small
group study, DVD driven study or a church wide campaign. This brings specific
teaching to your congregation with topics that could range from financial budgeting,
business by Biblical principles, job/career, ethics, values, generosity, life stewardship
and estate, wills or retirement planning.

TRACK 2. Recruit, Train and Coach a Lay-led Stewardship/Generosity Team
Read, How to Resource Your Vision, by Dick Edic. Present a 10-hour Team Training
Workshop. This prepares the Stewardship/Generosity Team for creating and
implementing the church’s tailored Stewardship/Generosity strategy.

TRACK 3. Engage an “Outsourced” Stewardship/Generosity Director
You may desire to have a staff person functioning as a stewardship ministry director.
But, that can be very expensive, plus you may not need a full-time
stewardship/generosity director. The Solution could be to “outsource” that position to
our experienced and qualified Consultants for dimes on the dollar. You have no
employer tax, workmen’s comp or benefits to pay.