Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I engage the services of Vision Resourcing Group? How are you different from the other ministries offering specific stewardship & generosity studies and materials?
We are like an insurance planner/broker who offers multiple insurance “products” with a plan to meet the specific needs of a client. We help Christian leaders succeed by providing tailored training, guidance and resources for Christian leaders in order to enable them to better develop a culture of biblical stewardship, leadership and generosity to those people within their sphere of influence. Our primary objective is to, “Train the Trainer” through our proven consulting, equipping and supporting process. We help you determine your goals, develop a plan, select resources and follow up to make sure you succeed. Most of these “other” ministries are our Partners providing a large selection of training, written, audio and video resources to fit the stewardship & generosity ministry we help you implement.

2. Can I just download your resources and implement them myself?
No, because our purpose and process is to meet you, listen to your felt-needs, have you complete a survey telling us about your organization, and then from our profile taken from this interaction with you, create a suggested action plan for you to eventually edit and sign-off on through our covenant agreement. That way we are able, through our consult-equip-support long-term process ensure your success, which is what you want! Eventually, our goal IS to train you to implement many of these resources yourself.

3. How do I determine if my church is ready for this kind of training and commitment?
By meeting with a Vision Resourcing Group consultant, allowing him/her to survey your church leadership and write up a suggested ministry action plan for you to evaluate. You will then be able to determine if your church is ready. And, you may not be ready to commit for any number of reasons. You may have to wait for the right timing. 

4. How do I know which resources you offer that I will need?
That will become apparent at the end of our interaction, profiling, and editing of our suggested action plan. 

5. How does your Book "Resourcing Your Vision" differ from other stewardship education materials or ministries? How does it help me “resource my vision?”
The big question is how does a Christian leader organize and implement a strategy, or “process” in his or her organizational environment? How does he/she effectively utilize the multiple resources for teaching stewardship, money management and generosity to those people within his/her sphere of influence, whether it be a church congregation, school, or business?

This book is a guide for motivating, training and equipping church and Christian leaders in how to develop this culture of biblical stewardship and generosity to those people within their sphere of influence. It is directed primarily to pastors and church leaders, since that is where stewardship and generosity should be taught. However, the principles and “process” taught here can certainly be applied within the context of a Christian school or business environment. You may be a school leader that wants to help your staff, students and donors grow in their application of biblical stewardship and generosity. Or, you may be a Christian business person who wants to help your staff and employees benefit personally from this teaching. Many of the principles and resources mentioned in this book can be utilized within the environment of a business or school. You’ll find out what works for you.

6. Why not just engage the resources of other stewardship ministries?
You are certainly free to use these types of ministries, directly. VRG actually uses some of these ministries as part of their resourcing a client’s goals. However, what we bring to the table is a broad, comprehensive capability to help you determine what your real needs are, help you create a tailored action plan, and then work with you to a successful completion. We bring flexibility and personal support, allowing you to measure your progress along with how to make adjustments. 

7. What kind of success have other churches experienced with their own stewardship education efforts?
Other churches have seen different levels of success in educating their people in biblical stewardship & generosity. Some have just used Crown. Others have created and taught their own Sunday school series or seminars. But, we are aware of only a handful that have created and implemented a comprehensive training package as wide as ours. And, they have seen wonderful results. 

8. What are your fees and how do you determine them?
Obviously our fees vary according to what a client agrees to. It could be a monthly retainer for an on-going service. It could be a flat fee for a specific event. The fee amounts will be stated clearly as part of our covenant agreement signed by us and our client. 

9. How can we increase donations to our church or school without constantly asking for more from our donor’s cash-flow?
We can assist your donors in supporting your church or school ministry through charitable planned gifts, such as bequests, gift annuities, and charitable trusts. Some of your members probably can give out of their assets beyond their day-to-day cash-flow. We will assist you in discovering those potential gifts and explaining the legal and tax particulars of different planned & deferred gifts, along with providing the logistical expertise of getting those gifts to the benefit of your church or school. 

10. What are some of the Events you offer?
We offer and schedule events tailored specifically to your organization’s needs based on the approved action plan and signed covenant agreement. Examples are: Training Workshop for a church stewardship/generosity ministry leadership team; Interactive Workshop on “The10”, teaching Godly ethics and conduct; Lunch-time mini-workshops on managing your money God’s way, utilizing a number of partner resources; Seminars on leadership principles from the bible. Some events will be open to the public on related topics, but designed to give leaders an opportunity to investigate VRG and our consulting-equipping-supporting services. They are in either live, video, or web-based format. 

11. Can the bible really help me run my business more successfully?

Yes, because God’s Word is our “manual on how to live life, work, engage in relationships, handle our finances etc. Our use of Crown’s Business by The Book workshop will strengthen your ability to run your business entity according to God’s principles. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Having purpose in business
  • The importance of servant-based leadership
  • Making good financial decisions
  • The role of organization and marketing
  • Business planning
  • Handling human resources
  • Marketing

12. Can we provide budget and debt-training to our staff and employees?
Yes, through our volunteer, lunch-time mini-workshops. The content can be presented with or without specific references to the bible. Potential results, as your staff and employees gain better management of their finances, in debt reduction, increased savings, strengthened marriages, and improved productivity.

13. How can I improve the work environment of my organization by creating a culture of honesty and integrity?
The overwhelming majority of people at work consider themselves honest and hard working, but when confronted with a moral or ethical dilemma, they struggle with the choices. Through our live facilitator-led, interactive, workshops, we will help your staff become students of “the10”, insuring that your management and employees reflect Godly principles and values.

14. How can I provide quality training for our students in money management principles that fits their age level?
Utilizing our proven and age-related workshop(s), we will train you to teach them so they are prepared to apply these important principles in their adult life. This could be integrated into your planned curriculum for your students, tailored to each grade level. 

15. What can we do to ensure that we are hiring staff, employees or recruiting volunteers who won’t have questionable and unethical backgrounds?
We provide a comprehensive, cost effective training solution for your staff & volunteers. You can easily organize training, references, and background checks in one user-friendly system.

Our revolutionary Employee Screening and Training System allows you to easily perform a background screen on all incoming employees and volunteers. With industry leading turnaround times, and instant online reports, you can quickly make quality hiring and employee/volunteer placement decisions that will protect your organization and people. And it's all online!