Team Building for School Leaders

Developing Staff to their Fullest

It takes more than a workshop to enhance employees' abilities.
 When training is combined with an understanding of the factors that support peak performance, employees can be encouraged to work from their strengths.
Identifying Work-Related Stress
Work-related stress reduces productivity, creates job dissatisfaction, and leads to frustration for managers and employees alike. ProScan provides indicators that help managers and employees identify the sources of stress. With that understanding, factors that produce employee stress can be minimized.
Finding Each Person's Motivators, Avoiding De-motivators  Employees and volunteers who are placed in a job or task that is appropriate to their work style and skills are more likely to deliver
high quality results. ProScan helps managers and leaders define an employee’s or volunteer’s strengths, motivators and demotivators to help team leaders determine how environmental factors affect employee and volunteer stress, energy and satisfaction.

Building High Performance Teams

Creating Effective Teams and Work Groups

A successful work group maximizes the skills and interests of its participants by creating a balance within the team. TeamScan provides objective measurements and narrative reporting of group characteristics. One level of reporting is a collective, general view of the group, revealing trends of strengths, pressures (stress) and satisfaction indices. The next level of reporting allows for further analysis by zeroing in on each team member’s specific strengths and styles. TeamScan helps organizations build understanding of each member in the group and set expectations for team performance, developing effective teams that work!

Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts

Interpersonal conflicts, when not resolved, can lead to ineffective departments and poor teamwork. Experienced PDP professionals work with a company's executives to assess, identify, and develop strategies to resolve challenges and conflicts.

Workshops are also available to increase knowledge, develop relationships and coordinate multiple team opportunities.

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