School Staff & Volunteer Screening

Protect Your School

Staff and Volunteer Screening

We have one common purpose as Christian Educators, we are all called to provide a safe workplace. Let us help you protect your school environment.

Background Screening: (Protect your people from...)

  • •  Sexual abusers
  • •  Dangerous drivers
  • •  Embezzlers and thieves
  • •  Emotional and spiritual attacks on your congregation
  • •  Stress arising from claims, investigation and litigation
  • •  Monetary loss and financial strain

Online Training

Having a sound background screening program is the first step to providing a safe working envirnment for your employees, but an educated, attentive staff is also necessary to maintain that environment. Training your staff to recognize the first signs of abuse is often the most effective tool in protecting your employees from those who do harm to your people.

Providing a manual training session for each staff member is often not a cost effective solution as it is labor intensive and can be difficult to schedule or track. Our system is a comprehensive, cost effective training solution for employees and staff members. Easily orgainize training, references, and background checks in one user-friendly system. 

With a revolutionary Employee and Volunteer Screening and Training System that allows you to easily perform a background screen on all incoming employees and volunteers. With industry leading turnaround times, and instant online reports, you can quickly make quality hiring and volunteer placement decisions that will protect your school and your people. And it's all online!