School Leader Resources

School Leader Training and Assistance

VRG provides resources that train and equip School Leaders to be more effective and successful in creating a culture of biblical stewardship and generosity with their staff and students.

Develop a Culture of Stewardship & Generosity

  • How to teach your students biblical principles of stewardship and money management. Utilizing our proven and age-related workshop(s), we will train you to teach them so they are prepared to apply these important principles in their adult life. 
  • How to provide biblical principles of money management training to your staff as part of your benefits package. This would be a volunteer, lunch-time mini-workshop. The content can be presented with or without specific references to the bible. Potential results, as your staff gain better management of their finances, is debt reduction, increased savings, strengthened marriages, and improved productivity.
  • How to assist donors in supporting your school ministry through charitable planned gifts, such as bequests, gift annuities, and charitable trusts. Some of your student’s parents and school supporters probably can give out of their assets beyond their day-to-day cash-flow. But how can you discover those potential gifts, explain the legal and tax particulars of different planned & deferred gifts, let alone provide the logistical expertise of getting those gifts to the benefit of your school? We can help. 
  • How to direct your staff and your student’s parents to qualified & certified Christian financial professionals. Once your people have become aware of the priority of managing their resources biblically, and possibly have received training in financial & estate planning, they will want to know how to find qualified financial professionals that have a biblical world-view and have been certified in that approach to their planning and counsel. We can help you direct them to the right professionals? 

Apply Team Building & Biblical Leadership Principles

  • Build teams that work. How to build solid staff and/or volunteer teams within your school, including effectively measuring and defining personal strengths, energy levels, points-of-view, communication and work styles. This could dramatically increase the effectiveness and productivity of your school leadership.
  • How to integrate biblical leadership principles into your school leadership process. Ensure that your leaders are applying effective and biblical leadership principles to their areas of responsibility. As you know, good leadership can make the difference between success and failure. Let us train you how. 

Impact Your Students with Godly Values

  • The overwhelming majority of people at work consider themselves honest and hard working, but when confronted with a moral or ethical dilemma, they struggle with the choices. How to insure that your school staff and volunteers reflect Godly principles and values. Let us help you maximize your school’s morale character through our facilitator-led workshops with “The 10”. 

Protect Your School From Problem Workers & Volunteers

  • Protect your school. We offer the industry-leading volunteer and employee background screening solution that can easily be tailored for your congregation. Proven as an effective tool for responsible hiring and volunteer placement, background screening is now every school’s essential protection tool. 

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