Stewardship Ministry

Develop a Culture of Stewardship and Generosity

The big question is how does a Church leader organize and implement a strategy, or ‘process’ in his or her church environment? How does he/she effectively utilize the multiple resources for teaching stewardship, money management and generosity to those people within his/her congregation? Because parishioners today suffer from "information overload", they need to continually receive some aspect of stewardship education from the many ministry "faucets" provided by the church's "water system", i.e. "faucets" like worship services, Sunday school, youth ministries, small groups, church newsletter, seminars, etc. This process needs to become a ministry lifestyle for both the church and the individual.

The resources to fund global missions and fulfill the Great Commission are in the church — and a stewardship ministry is part of the process to release these resources. Our many resources, along with our “hands-on” consultants, provide you motivation, training and equipping in how to develop a culture of biblical stewardship and generosity to your congregation. 
We are like an insurance planner/broker who offers multiple insurance “products” with a plan to meet the specific needs of a client. We provide tailored training, guidance and resources for church leaders in order to enable them to better develop a culture of biblical stewardship, leadership and generosity to their congregation. Our primary objective is to, “Train the Trainer” through our proven consulting, equipping and supporting process. We help you determine your goals, develop a plan, select resources and follow up to make sure you succeed. Most of these selected “resources” are provided by our Partners. They provide a large selection of training, written, audio and video resources to fit the stewardship & generosity ministry plan we help you design and implement.

To help get you started, buy our book “How To Resource Your Vision”, by Dick Edic, President and Co-Founder of Vision Resourcing Group. Here is its link to our Shopping Cart "How to Resource Your Vision" You can also communicate with us by clicking here 911 VRG Help!