Church Stewardship

Develop a Culture of Stewardship and Generosity

Stewardship Ministry

  • How to implement or expand a Church Stewardship Ministry that teaches your congregation how to manage finances God’s way, get out of debt, and become more generous. We train your staff, along with a recruited lay Church Stewardship Ministry Leadership Team, in how to organize & implement a tailored stewardship education ministry over the long-term. Over time, you can expect your congregation to mature spiritually in regards to their individual stewardship, money management, and generosity. To learn more, click here…

Planned Giving

  • How to assist donors in supporting your church ministry through charitable planned gifts, such as bequests, gift annuities, and charitable trusts. Selected members of your congregation probably can give to your church out of their assets beyond their day-to-day cash-flow. But how can you discover those potential gifts, explain the legal and tax particulars of different planned & deferred gifts, let alone provide the logistical expertise of getting those gifts to the benefit of your church? We can help. 

Professional Referrals

  • How to direct your members & staff to qualified & certified Christian financial professionals. Once your people have become aware of the priority of managing their resources biblically, and possibly have received training in financial & estate planning, they will want to know how to find qualified financial professionals that have a biblical world-view and have been certified in that approach to their planning and counsel. Where do you direct them?  To learn more, click here…