Church Job Assistance

Church Career and Job Search Ministry

Your church can immediately begin helping members in your congregation and community. Some ways that you can assist include:

Provide them with your unique registration key to a Career focused website, which is filled with Christian career resources for finding jobs, careers and calling. 

Start or enhance your church’s career ministry with already-developed ministry resources. These tools make it a turnkey process for conducting job search support and network meetings, career tests, career courses and workshops, and job posting services for employers in your church. Choose online resources as a stand-alone tool, or use them to enhance your career ministry with church volunteers. Either way, imagine the amazing need and opportunity for evangelism and discipleship to help people as they are seeking the right career choices and the right job.

Build a Ministry Team

After you launch a website ministry, you can recruit and equip interested volunteers in your church with already prepared ministry guides and materials that can add in-person ministering environments. Some of these ministry opportunities include:
  • Organized, confidential prayer request ministry
  • Weekly support groups for encouragement and networking
  • One-on-one career coaching and mentoring
  • Monthly job network meetings with speakers
  • Job search and career workshops
  • Employer involvement programs like career fairs

There are even prayer and publicity support guides and resources for supporting and promoting to job seekers, as well as recruiting volunteers.

The Need

  • There is an enormous void that has separated faith and work, church and career, and layperson and business leader.

  • Several factors have influenced the development of this void, two of these are perhaps the greatest influence.

The first is that “those in the pews“ (collectively) have found it difficult to understand how to integrate their faith and their work. Secondly, “those in the pulpits” (collectively) have found it difficult to effectively teach congregants on how to “live their faith at work”with relevance. In a research article, Dallas Willard stated “Many serious and thoughtful Christians are looking for ways into an intelligent and powerful Christ-likeness that can inform their entire existence and not just produce special religious moments.”The “entire existence”includes the workplace where we spend greater than 25% of our lives, a number that grows to greater than 30% excluding seven hours of sleep each night.

Offer a Career Transition Ministry

Let us assist you in creating and implementing a career transition and job search ministry. To learn more contact us via phone or email.

For more information and to contact us:  911 VRG Help!