Church Godly Values/Ethics

Impact Your Church With Godly Values

The overwhelming majority of people at work consider themselves to be honest and hard working, but when confronted with a moral or ethical dilemma, they struggle with the choices. History has shown that even church staff and leaders have struggled with this issue. “The 10 Principles” are written to satisfy a critical need for morals, values, ethics and integrity in the workplace. Becoming a student of “The 10” will assist your staff and leadership in making crucial decisions at critical moments, and will ensure their decisions are in alignment with your goals. How can you insure that your church staff and volunteers reflect Godly principles and values? Let us help you maximize your church’s morale character through our facilitator-led workshops on “The 10® Principles”. 

The 10® Principles

  • Be "quietly confident"
  • Submit to a higher authority
  • Live with purpose
  • Interact with integrity
  • Fulfill your roles with time for renewal
  • Care about people
  • Preserve the sanctity of life and be improvement and healing oriented
  • Be loyal
  • Be a good steward
  • Be honest

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