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Outsource Your Church Stewardship Ministry Director

Outsource Your Church Stewardship Ministry Director. Let us provide you with a Church Stewardship Ministry Director for cents on the dollar. You may want to go further than us training your staff and lay volunteers in how to implement a church stewardship ministry. You may want to hire a staff person to be your stewardship ministry director. But, that can be very expensive, plus you may not need one full-time Solution? 

You can “outsource” that position to our very experienced and qualified Resource Consultants. We can provide your own Stewardship Ministry Director, part-time, working on your campus a few hours per month. The advantage of this option is the at our Resource Consultant is on your campus more hours per month, working closely with your staff, becoming familiar with them, your lay leaders, and the culture of your church. This option gives you confidence that you will have professional leadership building your stewardship ministry and not dependent on possible weak and inexperienced lay leadership. Part of our consult-equip-support process will be to help you determine if this would be a good way to go and how many hours per month would be needed or desired.
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