Business Stewardship

Develop a Culture of Stewardship and Generosity

Employee Training

Financial concerns may be a personal matter, but they directly affect the workplace. Research suggests that 15-20 percent of employees have financial problems severe enough to negatively affect productivity. We offer training to your employees on biblical principles of money management as part of your benefits package. This would be a volunteer, lunch-time mini-workshop. The content can be presented with or without specific references to the bible. Potential results, as your employees gain better management of their finances, is debt reduction, increased savings, strengthened marriages, and improved productivity. To learn more, click here…

Professional Referrals

How to direct your members & staff to qualified & certified Christian financial professionals. Once your people have become aware of the priority of managing their resources biblically, and possibly have received training in financial & estate planning, they will want to know how to find qualified financial professionals that have a biblical world-view and have been certified in that approach to their planning and counsel. Where do you direct them? To learn more, click here…

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