Economic Crossroads Seminar

Finding Your Path to Financial Freedom

God’s Financial Plan for your Life

God has entrusted you with exactly the unique financial “talents” He has so intended. Sound stewardship is up to you, and that you are provided with His Word as your guide. It’s not about what you will do with those resources, but rather what He can achieve through you—using the resources He gave you, while growing you into fellowship with Him in the process.

Do you...

  • Experience financial anxiety?
  • Know if your financial lifestyle is pleasing to God?

To find the answers and more, join us for a life changing seminar where you will discover God’s ways of financial stewardship.

Topics Covered

  • Common misconceptions about money
  • Seven key scriptural principles explored
  • Giving as viewed in the Old and New Testaments
  • Attitudes that prevent God’s blessing in our lives
  • Review of Crown’s Money Map
  • Spending Plan—learn what to do and how to do it using a proven planning system
  • Learn proven debt reduction strategies
  • FICO scoring—what is it and how does it affect me; what helps or hurts my score
  • Identity Theft—How to protect yourself

Church Leadership

Would you be interested in hosting the Economic Crossroads Seminar if you could see changes like this in your church?

You are invited as our guest if you are a pastor or church leader and if you are considering hosting an Economic Crossroads Seminar interested in more details; please click on the link below to contact us:

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People Taught—Lives Changed

Based on compiled attendance evaluation sheet results



Will start working with spouse on finances


People Taught


Will start or increase giving


Accepted Christ


Will start living on a budget


Recomitments to Christ


Will get completely out of debt


Will be a steward-not an owner


Will start teaching our children


What People are Saying…

“Finally, I clearly know God’s scriptural guidelines for management of my personal finances, Knowing will lead to me submitting this (last) part of my life to the Lord.”

“One of the most practical parts of this teaching was how to clean up and rebuild our FICO score so that, in the future, we’ll have good credit when we wish to buy a home.”

It is unbelievable how the Scriptures literally ring out with how God’s people are supposed to relate to worldly goods—Taking responsibility for our stewardship, holding our possessions loosely, and living more contented lives.”