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Career Direct Training - Living by Design

Recently, I was re-introduced to a truly revolutionary assessment system, Career Direct Living by Design that combines biblical principles of stewardship of talents with cutting-edge career guidance matching process.  This may serve you and your family or others in securing a more meaningful direction in their work life.   For me, this would have been extremely helpful in guiding a career directions for my kids.

What makes Career Direct® Living by Design unique?

  • Career Direct® is one of the few assessment and consultation tools that approaches the field of career guidance from a values and biblical perspective to maximize your God-given talents.

  • Most career assessments examine just one or two areas. Career Direct® Living by Design examines four essential components of career selection: personality, interests, skills, and values. As a result, Career Direct Living by Design is one of the most comprehensive guidance systems on the market today.

  • Career Direct® Living by Design was developed over a 20-year period and has been rigorously tested and validated, using standard psychometric principles of testing and measurement. Over 170,000 adults and students have benefited from taking the Career Direct Complete Guidance System.

How long does it take to complete Career Direct® Living by Design?

  • The assessment component can be completed in about an hour and the consultation component can be done in about 2 hours. From your certified Career Direct Consultant you receive two comprehensive, easy-to-read, personalized report formats that your Career Direct Consultant walks you through, after which you receive a printed copy and an HTML version.

  • In addition, you receive an Action Plan interactive with O*NET

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Our customer is someone

  • In High School or College who desires to identify and explore career options.

  • In transition from one job to another.

  • Who would like documented information to support one’s case for additional responsibilities and/or promotion?

  • Desires to grow and understand more about your God-given design for making occupational and educational choices.

  • Who would like to be better equipped during an interview.

In Summary

  • With what you will invest in education and years of experience, the return for an investment of $235 for an educational [students in school] assessment/consultation package.

  • Or $295 for an occupational assessment/consultation package is an invaluable investment for anyone making a critical decision concerning their education and career.