About Us

About Vision Resourcing Group (VRG)

We are a 501C3 not-for-profit ministry dedicated to helping Christian leaders succeed in their areas of responsibility and calling. Our “Group” of seasoned consultants & trainers bring many years of experience to you in the areas of biblical stewardship/leadership/generosity training. Through our process of “Consult-Equip-Support”, we help “resource your vision” for your particular area of leadership responsibility. We provide this through our in-house and partner organization resources, including one-on-one and group training. Though we draw from the best “resources” available for your “vision needs,” our strength is our long-term commitment and personal support, with the use of our custom analysis and measurement tools to allow you to track your progress and success. Another strength is our ability to assist you in designing the best mix of resource options, which include a customized Action Plan of how best to make use of these tools.

How We Work With You

We first meet with your leadership team to learn about your organization (church, business, school). We want to hear about your goals, strategies, dreams, what’s worked and what has not worked. We then come back to you with a one to three year suggested Action Plan. After you have edited it, if desired, your team signs off on the final Action Plan we both sign a covenant agreement detailing your part and our part, including the appropriate fees. We then begin to work with you to implement the plan that will bring you success. We help you measure your progress, using our matrix of spread sheets and computer-based tools. 

We serve you through the following venues, customized to your needs:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Small Groups
  • Regional Conferences
  • Video-based training tools
  • Web-based training events
  • Ongoing coaching and support